Cub Scout Uniforms

Cub Scouting Uniforms consist of a Shirt, Trousers or Shorts, Belt, Socks, Cap, Neckerchief and Slide. Depending on the Rank, the uniform changes slightly.

The Scout Shirt

The Scout shirt is available in both short, and long sleeve variety. Up until Webelos II, a Cub Scout will wear the Blue shirt. At Webelos, a scout can choose to wear the Tan Uniform, similar to that of the Boy Scouts:

The Scout Pants

Similar to the shirt, a Cub Scout will wear the Blue Trousers or Shorts up to Webelos. At that point they can switch to the same pants that the Boy Scouts wear.

The Scout Belt

The Cub Scout Belt, shown below, is available with two buckles. One has a Tiger Logo, the other the Cub Scouting Logo.

The Scout Socks

Scout Socks are available in a crew cut or ankle cut. There is a special sock for Tiger Cubs with an orange top.

The Scout Hat

There is a Hat for each stage of Advancement.

Neckerchief and Slide

Just like the Hats, a Cub Scout has a different Neckerchief and Slide for each rank.

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